I was really impressed. Children will love the pictures and the tablet format. I really like that the teacher controls what the child sees on their tablet and you can adjust the pace of the assessment to the child's needs.
Grace Shaw, Datchet St. Mary's Primary Academy

Baseline Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 4-5 years
  • Suitable for: Teachers, Teaching Assistants
  • Test duration: 25 minutes
  • Test format: Tablet

Baseline and Baseline Progress

Baseline and Baseline Progress provide you with an efficient, child-friendly and reliable way of assessing literacy, language and communication and mathematics in three short, picture-based sections that require no reading, as they enter school (Baseline) and at the end of their first year in school (Baseline Progress). 

Designed to be fun, friendly and engaging for pupils, GL Assessment’s award winning Baseline allows teachers to measure literacy, language and numeracy on entry. There is the option of an end of year (Reception/P1/Y1) assessment.

Fully standardised for pupils aged 4-5 years, Baseline is delivered in a unique, dual-tablet format. Delivered in the same way, Baseline Progress assesses literacy and mathematics, enabling you to measure progression and help to quantify the often excellent progress made by young learners. Baseline Progress can also be used as a standalone measure. Both assessments allow you to complete the assessment in one session or in separate sessions depending on the pupil’s needs.

The assessment contains a mixture of oral and touch based questions with full colour illustrations to fully engage young children. The complete baseline solution includes the assessments, training and support materials, automatic scoring and instant reporting.

Why use Baseline?

  • Create a baseline for three areas of learning on entry to school
  • Use quantitative data alongside your own teacher judgement to support teaching and learning
  • Measure progress at the end of the first year in school (Baseline Progress)
  • Gain interpretation insights and suggestions for next steps
  • Support communication with stakeholders

For state schools in England, the DfE announced in April 2016 that it will fund approved baseline assessments in the 2016/17 academic year, including our own Baseline, as part of schools’ on-entry assessment of pupils. It’s the DfE’s intention that the baseline assessments will support schools as they measure pupil progress across primary school and they have confirmed that the outcomes will not be used for accountability purposes. Please see more on the DfE’s guide to signing up your school for the reception baseline.

Baseline: Complementing teacher observation of new starters

St Christopher’s School found that Baseline reveals more than a simple measure of literacy, language and mathematical ability