Back to school

Every child’s experience of lockdown will have been different. We can help you quickly understand what this looks like across your cohort.
How can we help
  • Identify gaps to aid curriculum planning and pinpoint individual support for your pupils - New Group Reading Test, Progress Test Series
  • Prepare ahead for transition at every level - CAT4, Progress Test Series, New Group Reading Test
  • Flag which pupils are concerned about being back at school, as well as those who are ready and engaged to learn - Pupil Attitudes to Self and School
  • Pinpoint SEND issues around speech and language, dyslexia and numeracy - WellComm, Rapid, CoPS, LASS
  • Understand individual, key group and cohort analysis with national benchmarks - all included within our reports
GL Assessment's data has been extremely useful in helping us to plan for the post-lockdown curriculum.

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