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A popular standardised assessment of reading at sentence level.

Suffolk Reading Scale (SRS) is used by teachers and SENCOs to monitor the reading development of pupils from age 6. A standardised reading test that consists of multiple-choice and sentence-completion questions, SRS identifies where an individual may be experiencing reading difficulties. It has been designed to be relevant and engaging for pupils and can be administered easily in the classroom, both individually or in a group setting.

Available in both paper and digital formats, SRS has three comparable levels covering the age range 6 years to 14 years 11 months and SRS Digital has a further level extended to age 17 years 4 months. Users of SRS Digital not only benefit from the advantages of online testing, but the recently developed Level 4 for 14-16 year-olds also includes reports that highlight pupils with a standard score below 85 and who make a gain of nine months in reading age when given 25% extra time.

Upgrade to NGRT

Why not try our New Group Reading Test. Recently standardised and easy to score and administer, NGRT is an ideal screening/monitoring test for groups of pupils. It enables the assessment of reading and comprehension in a single test, helping to identify, for instance, competent readers with weak comprehension skills who would benefit from a follow-up individual assessment and learning support. The assessment also measures how a pupil is performing compared to their peers at a national level.

Why use SRS?

  • SRS will provide you with a comprehensive overview of a pupil’s reading ability whilst identifying areas where they may be experiencing difficulties, to better inform target-setting
  • The assessment monitors progress over time and thereby facilitates evaluation of effectiveness of teaching methods
  • Covering a wide ability range, SRS can be used to monitor ability and reading standards on school transfer
  • The assessment encourages pupils to move ahead by matching reading skills to suitable reading materials
  • Standardised scores and age equivalents are provided.


Teacher Guide Packs contains:

  • Teacher's Guide
  • At-a-Glance Guide.

A quick guide to SRS Levels

The following table shows the recommended levels to use for different year groups.

SRS Level Standardised Age Group England and Wales Northern Ireland Scotland
1 6:00-7:11 Y2 P3 P3
1 7:00-8:11 Y3 P4 P4
2 8:00-9:11 Y4 P5 P5
2 9:00-10:11 Y5 P6 P6
2 or 3 10:00-11:11 Y6 P7 P7
3 11:00-12:11 Y7 Y8 S1
3 12:00-13:11 Y8 Y9 S2
3 13:00-14:11 Y9 Y10 S3

SRS Scoring & Reporting Service

Take the work out of marking, managing and interpreting your SRS data with our comprehensive SRS Scoring &  Reporting Service!