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A nationally recognised, robust self-evaluation system for the standardised measurement of pupil attitudes.

Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) is an all-age attitudinal survey that provides a measurement of a pupil’s attitudes towards themselves as learners and their attitudes towards school, suitable for pupils aged 4 to 18+. The trusted psychometric measurement that has been standardised against a highly representative national sample of more than 600,000 respondents and is used in over 2,500 schools across the UK, as well as over 100 Local Authorities. Watch the video below to learn about PASS.

Why use PASS?

“Using the PASS attitudinal survey means we immediately gain an insight into individual children’s requirements, whilst learning more about how to strategically inform improvement over their entire time in education.”
Helen Ashton, Cross Phase Behavioural Specialist, St Helens Council

The benefits of PASS are extensive. In particular, it helps schools and professionals to:

  • inform teaching strategies and intervention programmes to help raise standards of attainment and pupil well-being
  • tackle challenging behaviour, a key requirement of the new inspection framework
  • address attendance issues through the identification of those most risk at of playing truant, up to 12 months in advance
  • truly understand the root-attitudinal factors that affect the behaviours of pupils', to aid effective target setting and highlight areas of development for every individual
  • support emotionally vulnerable young people and those with possible mental health issues, to ensure those most at risk do not slip through the net
  • identify problems at an early stage
  • provide an objective means for joint collaborative problem-solving, working with parents, carers and extended families.

Find out more about how others use PASS with our PASS case study video: "Using PASS to to support the transition of children from Key Stage 2 to 3" at St. Augustine of Canterbury Catholic High School in St Helens, Merseyside.

Pupil attitudes affect levels of attainment, engagement and well-being.

Attitudes are formed by and affect how we feel, what we do and how we think. In a school setting, a pupil’s attitudes to learning can influence their whole experience of education and have significant effects on their overall levels of attainment, engagement and well-being. Through regular assessment, a complete picture of a pupil’s motivation, strengths, anxieties, school-based relationships and future learning behaviours can be built. PASS provides the perfect tool for this purpose.

The 20 minute survey covers nine factors proven to be linked to key educational goals, including attitude to attendance, preparedness for learning and response to the curriculum. A low score in any factor can pinpoint negative attitudes that might not otherwise be apparent. The resulting data can help teachers open a window into their pupils’ mindset, allowing truly effective interventions to be put in place and providing a benchmark to evidence progress. Find out more about the nine attitudinal factors.

The PASS survey takes about 20 minutes to complete as pupils read and comment on 50 statements. On completion, the surveys are submitted to Testwise instantly. Once the entire school/cohort has completed their surveys, you can request a report on your Testwise account. The reports are instantly available to download from your Testwise account in a PDF and Excel format.

For the downloadable version of PASS, a simple report is produced instantly on the device that the survey is taken on (usually a staff-member’s laptop or computer). The report provides standardised data relating to the 9 attitudinal measures as well as a bar chart for easy visualisation.


PASS can be purchased online with a minimum of a 3 year contract or in a downloadable format for a single user licence. PASS Digital is the most popular and best value solution for high volume whole school assessment. The downloadable version is used by educational and clinical psychologists or pupil referral units working with small numbers in a highly mobile population. 

Complete the picture

PASS, combined with our Cognitive Abilities Test Fourth Edition (CAT4) and the British Ability Scales: Third Edition, can deliver a more complete picture of a pupil’s ability and attitudes. By providing a highly reliable measurement of nine core attitudinal factors, PASS answers many of the questions raised when there are discrepancies between attainment and cognitive ability.

The cognitive-behavioural link embedded within PASS can also be used to support early intervention across all ages, including older children and young adults. Examples of this include its ability to screen for emotionally vulnerable children and to pinpoint pupils at risk of poor attendance up to 12 months before they actually stop attending school.