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The third edition of the best selling Group Reading Test for screening and monitoring.

The New Group Reading Test (NGRT) is the third edition of the best selling Group Reading Test (GRT) (pupil booklets for GRT are no longer available), developed by GL Assessment and the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

Easy to score and administer, NGRT is an ideal screening/monitoring test for groups of pupils. It enables the assessment of reading and comprehension in a single test, helping to identify, for instance, competent readers with weak comprehension skills who would benefit from a follow-up individual assessment and learning support. The assessment also measures how a pupil is performing compared to their peers at a national level. Watch the video below to learn about NGRT.

Developed in response to feedback from teachers, NGRT includes sentence completion and passage comprehension at all levels and lasts approximately 45-50 minutes. The new edition also features a single test for pupils aged 6 (Y1/P2) with a mix of tasks, testing phonics, sentence-completion and reading comprehension.

Download this pdf to read more about how the NGRT combines sentence completion and passage comprehension in a single test, including how to compare the scores and an example case study.

With the addition of this new single test for pupils aged 6 (Y1/P2) and equivalent form tests for pupils aged 14-16, NGRT is now suitable for use with GCE/GCSE pupils, enabling progress to be tracked across the primary and secondary stages.

Why use NGRT?

  • NGRT is the reading assessment of choice for many as it allows the assessment of reading and comprehension in a single test, whilst providing a wealth of diagnostic information
  • NGRT will provide you with comprehensive overview of a pupil’s reading and comprehension ability whilst identifying areas where they may be experiencing difficulties, to better inform target-setting
  • You will be provided with overall scores broken down into separate scale scores, showing how sentence completion scores compare to those for comprehension, allowing for the implementation of better intervention strategies
  • The assessment is an ideal tool for monitoring progress over time and facilitates the evaluation of teaching methods
  • It is an ideal as a group screening test to identify those pupils who need to be assessed individually by a specialist for Access Arrangements
  • You will receive standard age scores, age equivalent scores and National Curriculum Levels for reading.


Teacher Guide Packs contain:
Teacher's Guide, Sample Pupil Booklets and At-a-Glance Guide for each Level.

NGRT Scoring & Reporting Service

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A complete approach

York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension: Early Reading and Passage Reading Primary and the York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension: Passage Reading Secondary (YARC Primary and YARCSecondary) are an ideal follow-up assessment to NGRT. Whilst NGRT screens and monitors the reading ability of pupils on a group level to identify those with potential difficulties, YARC Primary and YARC Secondary will enable you to carry out an in-depth, individual assessment of a pupil’s decoding and comprehension skills. From this, a wealth of valuable diagnostic information on a pupil’s reading skills can be gathered, to inform timely and appropriate intervention strategies.

A quick guide to NGRT levels

The following table shows the recommended levels to use for different year groups.

NGRT Test Standardised Age Group England and Wales
Test 1 5:00-7:03 Y1
Test 1B 5:00-7:09 Y1-Y2
Test 2A/2B 6:00-10:05 Y2-Y4
Test 3A/3B 9:00-14:05 Y5-Y8
Test 3C 9:00-13:09 Y5-Y8
Test 3D 8:00-11:09 Y4-Y6
Test 4A/4B 13:00-17:05 Y9-Y11
Test 4C 12:00-14:09 Y8-Y9