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The Parental Survey

The most powerful of our surveys, the Parental Survey uses a tailored questionnaire to report on the way pupils’ parents perceive the school. A true awareness of your school’s perceived strengths and weaknesses, results are made even more meaningful by weighting them against what parents usually say in similar schools.

With dedicated primary and secondary versions, the Parental Survey provides you with a truly affordable system of self-evaluation that delivers swift results on all aspects of your school’s performance – in a way that empowers your school, rather than searching for its failings. While the option for online surveys is available, for schools in the UK we strongly recommend the paper-based questionnaire, as response rates are significantly lower when delivered online.

The Parental Survey delivers:

  • a wealth of evidence for your self-evaluation, with reports providing a point-by-point evidence summary that complies with the inspection frameworks in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • the ability to monitor the effects of your management decisions on parental perceptions
  • data which allows you to target your resources more effectively
  • independent management information that identifies problem areas and pre-empts the findings of school inspections
  • a channel for true parental involvement, enabling you to monitor and respond to the changing wants and needs of pupils’ parents
  • additional analysis by a hot or cold factor – for example comparing the views of parents with children eligible for FSM (Free School Meals) with the whole school population – which may provide evidence around how you are effectively using the pupil premium.

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To request a copy of a sample survey, please email info@kirkland-rowell.com.