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Welcome to better data intelligence!

GO 4 Schools supports whole-school improvement in a way no other system does. We make it easy to capture, analyse and share classroom data in real time, allowing your staff, students and parents to make better decisions – daily. It’s the new, efficient, smart and agile way to work with school data.

"GO 4 Schools has made my job at least 30-40% easier. I can access information about a student, group or department at a click of a button."
Principal, Neale-Wade Community College, Cambridgeshire

The GO 4 Schools Hub unites information from your MIS and any GO 4 Schools modules that you are using into a powerful, incredibly easy-to-use system – online, 24/7.

It provides teachers, middle leaders, the SLT and students with the very latest information they need, when they need it.

Why use GO 4 Schools to access the latest information?

Put simply – it is ease of use. For teachers, the Hub provides instant access to their groups' markbooks, any reports they need to contribute to, quick links to record behaviour and instant access to detailed information about any student. The SLT and middle leaders have instant access to the real-time statistics and performance information they need. Students have really-simple access to their marks, attendance and behaviour record which drives up engagement and, through that, attainment. It's all available, online, 24/7. It makes life so much easier.

The Technology

  • GO 4 Schools is a web-based solution, so when we release an update to the website you benefit from it immediately. You don't need to do anything at all at your end.
  • All access to privileged information in GO 4 Schools is secured using encryption, so is protected from prying eyes.
  • Our servers are located in a secure data centre and are backed-up offsite every night.
  • There is a Single-Sign-On tool available for use which allows staff and students within your school Intranet to access GO 4 Schools without having to re-enter a username and password.

We aim to remove barriers to information. We are driven by three beliefs

  1. Everyone should be able to access relevant information: teachers, students, the SLT, middle leaders and parents alike.
  2. Whoever the user is, they should be able to access the latest, appropriate information, presented in a clear format, quickly and easily, online, 24/7.
  3. We should work hard to keep users' lives easy.

No wonder that headteachers, senior leaders, heads of department, classroom teachers and local authority education managers across the UK have been impressed by GO 4 Schools. Read what they say about GO 4 Schools.