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Identifies dyscalculic tendencies in pupils aged 6–14+ years and recommends intervention strategies to help them achieve their potential.

The 30 minute test is an ideal tool for screening an entire year group, or for screening those pupils showing some signs of difficulty. It can play an important part in helping both specialist and non-specialist teachers distinguish between those individuals who have poor maths attainment and those whose difficulties are associated with dyscalculia. The screener provides a true measure of a pupil's facility with numbers through evaluating their ability to understand number size, simple addition and simple multiplication.

We offer this screener in two versions; a digital version that is delivered on Testwise, our online testing platform, and a downloadable version, which can be installed on your PC. To buy the digital version, call us on 0845 602 1937. Read more about the Dyscalculia Screener formats

Results and Reporting

The Dyscalculia Screener has been standardised, so you can be assured that results presented are accurate and reliable. Results are easy to interpret and information on a pupil's strengths and weaknesses are detailed across each test. Standard Age Scores are provided and you will benefit from recommendations made as to the next steps in either further assessment or intervention.

The assessment offers the following reports:

  • A Diagnostic Group Report; a convenient way of assimilating and storing results for a group of readers.
  • A Parent/Carer Report plus further guidance and letter templates will help support your communication with parents and carers both before and after screening.

Dyscalculia Screener - Digital (Online Version)

Dyscalculia Screener Digital is an online assessment delivered through GL Assessment’s Testwise system. The online format removes the burden of test administration, as all practice, instructions and timings are computer-administered. Also, instant scoring and reporting saves hours of marking time.

When is this format recommended?

  • Where there is a suitable internet connection
  • When the tool is needed to be used on multiple computers
  • When the tool is being used to screen a large number of students.

To buy Dyscalculia Screener Digital, please call us on 0845 602 1937. Unfortunately, our online version is not available to buy online.

Digital Demo

Play our Dyscalculia Screener Digital demonstration, which includes sample questions and score sheets.

Dyscalculia Screener - Downloadable Version

Please note, this version of the Dyscalculia Screener will not be available for purchase from January 2015. Customers who buy this screener before this time will still have a one year licence until their subscription expires.

We offer a downloadable version of the Dyscalculia Screener, which is installed locally, on a PC or laptop.

When is this format recommended?

  • Where there is no suitable internet connection
  • When the tool is only needed to be accessed on one computer
  • When the tool is being used to screen smaller numbers of individual students.

The Dyscalculia Screener CD-ROM is no longer available. The downloadable version is an alternative to this product.

You can access your results and reports within your downloaded licence. Your results will remain available even after you renew your licence. You can buy a 1 year licence for the downloadable version using the options to the right of this page. You simply need to wait for our Customer Services team to process your order at which point you can access your licences from within your “Licences” tab in the My Account area.

The software can be downloaded to any machine with an Internet connection, but can only be installed to PCs running Microsoft Windows XP and later (including XP, 7, Vista), approximately from year 2001 and above. Please note, you can only install your screener onto one computer and the licences are non-refundable once approved. To install on more than one computer, you must purchase more than one licence. If you want to use the screener on multiple computers, please see the online version.

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