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Baseline and now brand new Baseline Progress enables teachers to assess children on entry to school (Reception/P1/Y1) and measure their progress in literacy and mathematics at the end of the same year.  Both assessments complement our existing assessments for primary schools, which together support schools in benchmarking, tracking progress and target-setting throughout primary school, from Reception to the end of Key Stage 2 (P7/Y7).

For state schools in England, the DfE announced in April 2016 that it will fund approved baseline assessments in the 2016/17 academic year, including our own Baseline, as part of schools’ on-entry assessment of pupils. It’s the DfE’s intention that the baseline assessments will support schools as they measure pupil progress across primary school and they have confirmed that the outcomes will not be used for accountability purposes. Please see more on the DfE’s guide to signing up your school for the reception baseline.

Our award-winning baseline assessment – now with added progress measure

Designed to be fun, friendly and engaging for pupils, Baseline allows teachers to measure literacy, language and mathematics on entry and, optionally, at the end of Reception. An independent panel of experienced educational professionals has awarded Baseline the prestigious Education Resources Award (ERA) 2015  in the 'Early Years – including ICT' category!

New for May 2016, Baseline Progress is administered using two tablet devices (just like Baseline) and features two short assessments for literacy (letter-sounds and word reading) and a maths assessment which matches very closely EYFS requirements. When using Baseline, teachers told us that it is easy to administer, enjoyable to use and it supports them with their existing observations – with Baseline Progress our aim has been to provide really useful information in an innovative way.

Watch our videos to see how children have reacted to Baseline and to see it in action:

What the children thought

In action

Baseline - what the children thought of the Reception baseline assessment Baseline demonstration - reception baseline assessment

In addition, we have included  an optional Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) assessment that can be used alongside Baseline. Linked to a number of key EYFS goals (such as self-confidence and managing relationships, behaviour and feelings), this PSED element provides lasting value to Baseline and even more insight on the development of pupils. Here are some reasons for choosing our Baseline package: 

  • It is a one-to-one assessment that is delivered on two tablets – one for the pupil and one for the teacher
  • Teachers control the audio, the test progression and are responsible for recording the answers of the pupil
  • The assessment contains oral and touch-based questions, with full-colour illustrations
  • It is divided into three sections that assess literacy, language and mathematics
  • Baseline takes less than 25 minutes to complete. Deliver in one session or separate sessions depending on the pupil.
  • From May 2016 teachers can measure progress from Baseline by using Baseline Progress.
  • Baseline is also linked to Progress Test in Maths 5 and Progress Test in English 5 – again to enable schools using these two levels from our Progress Test Series to measure progress from day one.

The Baseline questions

There are three sections that measure a pupil's stage in language, literacy and mathematics. At the end of each section, the pupil's answers are automatically sent to your online account. See some sample Baseline questions.

Language and Communication

Language and Communication

A range of questions for grammar, vocabulary and understanding. There are two scales assessing expression and comprehension.

Phoneme Awareness Phoneme Awareness

Removing an initial or final sound from a word and identifying initial or final sounds from a pseudo-word.



Counting, simple calculations, and language for maths.


The Baseline Progress questions

Language and Communication


Questions to assess letter sound knowledge
Questions to assess word reading

Language and Communication


A single assessment which matches very closely end of EYFS requirements – mostly number questions with some shape, space and measures.



A new suite of reports have been developed for Baseline, with narrative and recommendations written by Early Years specialists, to support communication with all stakeholders, including parents. See the available Baseline reports.

A Group report for teachers is available for Baseline Progress and this includes a measure of progress given as one of five categories: expected, higher or much higher than expected, lower or much lower than expected.  The report features narrative to support interpretation of scores.


You can purchase Baseline and Baseline Progress for £4.10 (+VAT) per pupil. This price includes the on entry and end of year assessments and all available reports. Schools can choose to assess each pupil twice in a year - at the beginning and, optionally, end of Reception, at no extra charge.  If a school has not used Baseline then Baseline Progress is available as a standalone assessment.