Specialists in independent assessments and school improvement

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Whole school improvement

To increase the value a school gives to each and every pupil, it needs an integrated support system that works together with its assessment regime to improve performance. As a result, GL Assessment offers a range of  professional development, school management tools and resources to maximise the impact of self-evaluation, school development planning and school improvement.

Kirkland Rowell Surveys

  • Enable you to monitor the changing perceptions of parents, pupils and staff with the minimum of fuss
  • Provide a solid baseline for your self-evaluation
  • Unique in weighting your results against those of similar schools for meaningful comparisons

Professional Development Services

  • Strengthens the effectiveness of leadership and management at all levels through high-quality professional development training
  • Makes the governing body more strategic and effective through professional development modules that are specifically targeted at school governors
  • Improves the quality of teaching by addressing key classroom skills, such as pace, engagement, questioning and lesson observation