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The challenge for teachers in UK classrooms is making sure that every child reaches their full potential. One of the keys to achieving this is in identifying children who fall below the radar; those that slip by unnoticed because their behaviour and progress is 'good enough'. But in reality, they are not being stretched to achieve all they are capable of.

These are the 'hard to spot' pupils.

We have produced a new guide to helping ‘hard to spot’ children with contributions, strategies and ideas from schools across the UK and beyond. We hope you enjoy the read.


Who are the hard to spot children?
We spoke to a range of education experts and asked them 'How do you identify the 'hard to spot' children?'. This is what they told us.

Identifying the 'hard to spot' pupils
How can you identify the hard to spot children? How your curriculum can help and how you can use your data to help find them.

How can you support the hard to spot children?
Once you've identified who the hard to spot children are, how can you help and support them?

The experts' views

Daisy Christodoulou
Daisy Christodoulou, Research and Development Manager at ARK Schools, talks hard to spot children and how assessment alongside teacher judgement can help those pupils.
Kathy August
Kathy August on keeping children's learning healthy but knowing a lot about them and what difficulties may arise.
Brian Lightman
Brian Lightman, former General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), on the need to rediscover the knowledge of integrated assessment.
Peter Wylie
Peter Wylie, Director of Education at UTCs, talks ability and CAT.